Location of the main office: WI, Waukesha, S11 W29667 Summit Ave, 53188
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Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

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Mission Statement

LifeStriders provides life-enhancing, physical and psychological experiences and therapeutic riding services, to individuals with special needs.


Today, LifeStriders is one of the state's largest, and fastest growing, therapeutic riding centers.

Therapeutic Riding Lessons

Working with horses can accelerate both mental and physical therapy because it provides such strong motivation for learning and healing. Through Equine-Assisted Therapy, children and adults with disabilities can experience the physical and mental benefits achieved through the human-horse connection.

Project P.R.A.I.S.E.S

Preparing Responsible Adolescents In Specialized Equine Skills is an equine facilitated mental health program designed for at risk youth that focuses primarily on character building, teamwork, violence prevention, and compassion.

Volunteering and Mentoring Program
Mentors work towards fostering trusting relationships to provide role models to help adolescent develop socially and emotionally. This program also helps kids learn to understand and communicate their feelings, develop healthy peer and adult relationships, and become agents of positive change in their community through volunteering.