Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force
Location of the main office: DC, Washington DC, P.O. Box 21796, 20009
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Mission Statement

The Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force is an all-volunteer, non-violent group founded in the 1980s to promote peaceful and safe access to women's hea lth clinics in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

WHAT does WACDTF do?
We provide escorts to ensure a peaceful and reassuring presence for patients, their companions, and staff, at several local clinics.

WHY is WACDTF necessary?
Because many anti-Choice protesters still try to intimidate or harass anyone who provides or uses services at reproductive health clinics. WACDTF helps counter these protesters' acts of harassment, picketing, and vandalism at clinics so that they remain open and accessible for all women. We escort at the invitation of clinic owners and in cooperation with local law enforcement.


WHEN are escorts needed?
Escorts are generally needed each Saturday, rain or shine, between 7 - 11 a.m., depending on the clinic. And of course, we mobilize on the days surrounding the January anniversary of Roe v. Wade, when thousands of anti-Choice protesters are in town each year.

HOW do I get involved?
We hold monthly trainings for people to learn how to become clinic escorts. It is easy, and generally takes only 1½ hours to learn the techniques we use to defuse potential problems with clinic protesters. Volunteer escorting is an important way to take a peaceful, proactive stance against the religious right, which wants to control women's options. Come and help us prevent that from happening locally on the front lines of this insidious movement against women's rights.