CIDNY- Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
Location of the main office: NY, NEW YORK, 841 BROADWAY STE 301, 10003
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Company type Charitable company
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The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (or LTCOP) is a federal advocacy program dedicated to protecting people living in long term care facilities. In New York State, the Office for the Aging operates LTCOP through its Office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman. The heart of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program is its corps of specially trained and certified citizen-volunteer ombudsmen. Many volunteers are professionals from various fields. These dedicated Ombudsmen spend an average of two to four hours a week in each of their assigned facilities, advocating for the residents. The New York State Long Term Care Ombudsman has chosen CIDNY-Center for Independence of the Disabled, NY to manage the program for New York City. CID-NY was chosen because it had over 35 years of success advocating for the disabled.


CIDNY is the voice of people with disabilities in New York City. Our staff and Board include social workers, lawyers and other highly qualified professionals, most of whom are people with disabilities. Along with their professional credentials, the staff all have a strong belief in self-determination and bring valuable life experiences and insights to their work. CIDNY's staff is also ethnically diverse, with language capacity to assist consumers in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Toysanese, Tagalog, and American Sign Language.

CIDNY speaks for everyone who lives with a disability, whether it came at birth, by injury, disease, or during the process of aging. Together, we educate the public. We advocate for our civil rights and a strong safety net of benefits and services. CIDNY makes sure that our voices are heard where and when issues affecting our lives are decided.