All About Rabbits Rescue, Inc
Location of the main office: NY, FOREST HILLS, Queens Blvd., 11375
Brief information
Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement


All About Rabbits Rescue (AARR) is a non-profit organization based in Queens, NYC. We rescue abandoned and neglected rabbits and adopt them into rabbit appropriate loving homes in the NYC Area.

AARR advocates for rabbits in other ways by educating rabbit owners, preventing pet surrenders, and speaking up for rabbits in state legislation.


We actively work to eliminate rabbits sales by offering rabbit adoptions as the responsible alternative. AARR was the first to implement the rabbit adoptions-only program with Petland Discounts in 2012. Currently there are six rabbit adoptions-only Petland locations throughout NYC

AARR is the rabbit consultant for Pet Help Partners and addresses rabbit-related calls.

AARR is a New Hope Partner, which certifies it to pull out rabbits from NYC’s Animal Care and Control and help prevent the euthanasia of rabbits in NYC.

Other advocacy activities include encouraging volunteerism, rabbit education (via printed materials and in-home visits), promoting two-bunny homes, and preventing rabbit surrenders whenever possible.

Rabbits deserve the same consideration, level of care and opportunity for longevity afforded to the family cat or dog. Rabbits are intelligent, highly social and trainable animals who should be safely kept inside the home as part of the family without the limitations of a cage.