Baring Scholars, Inc.
Location of the main office: NC, Raleigh, PO Box 40073, 27629
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Brief information
Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement

The mission of Baring Scholars, Inc. is to reduce financial and academic barriers by providing resources and skills to traditional college students.


Baring Scholars, Inc is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization which works with college students. We serve 1st and 2nd year traditional students who either are first generation college students, have a GPA of 2.5 or greater, or who are former TRIO participants. Participants apply to be a part of the program and are accepted based on need and eligibilty.

We reduce the barriers by:

1. Providing book stipends for the college textbooks;

2. Providing acedemic and skill building workshops that will reinforce academic skillset, build upon their practical skills, and help them become acquainted with resources at their respective universities;

3. Providing mentors to help the students matriculate through college;

4. Providing care packages to participants each semester;and

5. Providing educational trip opportunities that will act as social and development opportunities.