Location of the main office: CO, SILVERTHORNE, PO BOX 25749, 80497
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Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement

To build Self-Leadership Skills in children & adults through experiential programs with rescued horses


The purpose of BRHC as an educational organization is to partner people with horses for the betterment of mankind and horses. This is accomplished through experiential programs partnering children and adults with horses. (Leadership Awareness with Horses)

BRHC provides Leadership Programs to children and adults that promote self-awareness & constructive decision-making. These types of experiential programs with horses have been shown to have a longer-lasting and deeper impact because of the horse’s positive effects on human thoughts and emotions.

The vision of BRHC is larger than rescuing individual horses, (or even a hundred horses) from the kill yard and giving them a productive life. Our focus is in educating people about the value of these animals and what they can teach us. Horses have served humans for thousands of years and have evolved with us and we are just beginning to understand what these incredible beings have to offer in human education.

This vision increases public awareness about the value of horses in human lives because horses have tremendous value, far more than people realize. We believe the best way to realize it, is through experiential educational programs that lift our awareness, when interacting with horses in the correct way.

Our vision is fueled by the excitement of seeing kids with horses in a safe structured environment, realizing for the first time they have the power to direct their life the way they want it to be!